Non, Schwarzenegger n’a pas été forcé de dormir dans la rue!

arnyArnold Schwarzenegger a-t-il été forcé de dormir à l’extérieur d’un hôtel qu’il avait aidé à ouvrir? Une publication Facebook devenue virale fabrique une histoire à partir de ce qui semble avoir été une simple blague de l’ancien gouverneur de Californie.

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CNN, You’re Part of the Problem Too

cnnHello CNN. I’m glad you pointed out racism and ignorance when it comes to Haiti and African countries. Anderson Cooper’s response to the s…hole comment was on point, and we Haitians thank him for it. What Trump did was awful, but did you know, CNN, that you’re also part of the problem? Continue reading “CNN, You’re Part of the Problem Too”

Lancement officiel l’événement IN Haïti à Port-au-Prince

24173562_973963926085915_5142484771382237511_oL’événement évangélique international IN Haïti a été lancé à Port-au-Prince le 28 novembre dernier par une conférence de presse à l’hôtel Marriott. Un panel composé notamment des pasteurs Gregory Toussaint, Mohammed Sanogo, Sylvain Exantus, Samuel Kamuanga et Jean-Bildad Robert a répondu aux questions des journalistes sur IN Haïti qui se déroulera du 5 au 12 janvier 2018.   Continue reading “Lancement officiel l’événement IN Haïti à Port-au-Prince”

Daphné Campbell, Première Haïtiano-américaine au Sénat Floridien

daphnecampbell-1024x1024Le 8 novembre dernier, Daphné Campbell est devenue la première Haïtiano-américaine à être élue sénatrice au Parlement de la Floride. Mme Campbell a écrasé son adversaire, Philippe Brutus, avec un écart de 50 points.
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Daphne Campbell, first Haitian American elected in Florida State Senate

daphnee1On November 8th, Daphne Campbell became the first Haitian-American to be elected as State Senator in Florida. Former State representative, she won by a landslide, beating up her opponent Philippe Brutus. Continue reading “Daphne Campbell, first Haitian American elected in Florida State Senate”

Really Shawne, Haitians are the worst?

  So it seems that a certain Shawne Oswald, who looks like a Caucasian American, wrote some craziness, some utterly discriminatory and racist rant about Haitians on social media. Shawne Oswald claims to be a JP Morgan Chase employee; however Chase quickly denied the claim on Twitter. Calling Haitians pigs and dogs, the infamous, anti-Haitian, anti-migrant, super racist Shawne posted some pictures of the political unrest unfolding now in Haiti trying to demonstrate that Haitians are the worst because of political violence in Haiti. 

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Uber threatens to leave Miami-Dade because of Jean Monestime’s tough bill  

Ride-hailing company Uber threatens to pull out of Miami-Dade because of a bill sponsored by Chairman Jean Monestime, a bill that is “is one of the most hostile ridesharing laws in the country”.

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O Time, Let Me Be A Witness!

by Jonel Juste


“If only I could turn back the hands of time” is something people generally say when it is too late. When we actually can’t do anything about the past, many of us wish we could change it for the best. Time travel is a long-cherished dream.

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Is Bieber an immigrant like another one?

by Jonel Juste

The young Canadian singer made the headlines during the whole month of January for his misconduct. He did so much that a petition was signed by more than 100 000 people asking President Obama to send him back to his native land, Canada.

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