CNN, You’re Part of the Problem Too

cnnHello CNN. I’m glad you pointed out racism and ignorance when it comes to Haiti and African countries. Anderson Cooper’s response to the s…hole comment was on point, and we Haitians thank him for it. What Trump did was awful, but did you know, CNN, that you’re also part of the problem?

Yes CNN, you’re part of the problem. Because when Trump disparaged Haiti and African nations behind closed doors, in a private meeting (and we’re fortunate he didn’t tweet his remarks), I am persuaded that he’s got his cues from TV (since he’s a renowned TV viewer). Trump has never been to Haiti to see anything first hand, so he was probably educated by the media, especially television channels like CNN that usually broadcast negative images of Haiti.

Usually, Haiti is shown on American TV when there is a catastrophe like the January 12 earthquake or a hurricane like Matthew in 2016. Most people who speak ill of Haiti or Africa don’t really know those places, they are educated by television. When CNN turns its lenses towards Haiti, it’s mostly to show the ugliest part of it, it’s usually to show violence and poverty.

Haiti has certainly its problems and struggles but American media only put the emphasis on the negative and barely the positive. Haiti is more than its problems, but unfortunately news outlets like drama. There is the sentiment that nothing good can come from places like Haiti or Africa. And if there is any, it is ignored by the media altogether because a good story from these places doesn’t sell or is not considered interesting. That’s not what the American public want to see.

To help people like Trump to stop disparaging places like Haiti or Africa, maybe the mainstream media could start reporting some good stories, because they exist. I don’t ask you to sugarcoat news from Haiti, I just ask for balance and fairness. Haiti has its load of difficulties but it has also great places and great people. Even if you don’t go to Haiti, you could find good stories within the Haitian community in America. Whatever you do, do it to educate your viewers. They already know about Haiti’s or Africa’s hurdles, show them that there is more to a country or a whole continent than that.

Jonel Juste 


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