Lancement officiel l’événement IN Haïti à Port-au-Prince

24173562_973963926085915_5142484771382237511_oL’événement évangélique international IN Haïti a été lancé à Port-au-Prince le 28 novembre dernier par une conférence de presse à l’hôtel Marriott. Un panel composé notamment des pasteurs Gregory Toussaint, Mohammed Sanogo, Sylvain Exantus, Samuel Kamuanga et Jean-Bildad Robert a répondu aux questions des journalistes sur IN Haïti qui se déroulera du 5 au 12 janvier 2018.   Continue reading “Lancement officiel l’événement IN Haïti à Port-au-Prince”


Jason Derulo, the Haitian of the Hour


By Jonel Juste

deruloThe singer, hitmaker, dancer and TV personality Jason Derulo is everywhere. He’s on many TV sets, invited to popular shows; he’s a judge on famous dance and song contests, and his latest song “Swalla” is a smashing hit. Jason is everywhere showing his true colors, the red and blue. For this young generation, he’s surely the Haitian of the hour.

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Daphné Campbell, Première Haïtiano-américaine au Sénat Floridien

daphnecampbell-1024x1024Le 8 novembre dernier, Daphné Campbell est devenue la première Haïtiano-américaine à être élue sénatrice au Parlement de la Floride. Mme Campbell a écrasé son adversaire, Philippe Brutus, avec un écart de 50 points.
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Daphne Campbell, first Haitian American elected in Florida State Senate

daphnee1On November 8th, Daphne Campbell became the first Haitian-American to be elected as State Senator in Florida. Former State representative, she won by a landslide, beating up her opponent Philippe Brutus. Continue reading “Daphne Campbell, first Haitian American elected in Florida State Senate”

Really Shawne, Haitians are the worst?

  So it seems that a certain Shawne Oswald, who looks like a Caucasian American, wrote some craziness, some utterly discriminatory and racist rant about Haitians on social media. Shawne Oswald claims to be a JP Morgan Chase employee; however Chase quickly denied the claim on Twitter. Calling Haitians pigs and dogs, the infamous, anti-Haitian, anti-migrant, super racist Shawne posted some pictures of the political unrest unfolding now in Haiti trying to demonstrate that Haitians are the worst because of political violence in Haiti. 

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Presidential Debate in North Miami

One of the candidates proposed to maintain the FNE after Martelly was gone. He was booed by the audience.

Eight candidates showed up at the North Miami senior High School Auditorium (13110 NE 8th Ave, North Miami, FL 33161) to answer the questions of 4 journalists about their political agendas. This debate took place on Oct 4, exactly three weeks before the presidential elections in Haiti on Oct 25.

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Describable me

First thing, Jonel is a guy who likes to think he has the sense of humor. Almost everybody thinks they have the sense of humor until proven wrong. The sense of humor is like common sense, everyone thinks they have it until they hear “you’re not funny at all”. Jonel thinks he is funny though, and those who say the opposite are just haters.

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