Non, la Corée du Nord n’est pas responsable du séisme en Haïti

(Photo: Dieu Nalio Chery, AP)

Une note vocale circulant sur Whatsapp fait croire que le tremblement de terre du 6 octobre dernier est l’oeuvre des Nord-Coréens qui testaient des missiles. C’EST ABSOLUMENT FAUX! Continue reading “Non, la Corée du Nord n’est pas responsable du séisme en Haïti”


I wish Vladjimir will have a second chance at life


This week I posted the hashtag #JeSuisVladjimirLegagneur (I am Vladjimir Legagneur) on my Facebook profile, and I really mean it because I’ve been in the same situation. I can relate to Vladjimir’s ordeal, and I’m here to tell my story. Continue reading “I wish Vladjimir will have a second chance at life”

CNN, You’re Part of the Problem Too

cnnHello CNN. I’m glad you pointed out racism and ignorance when it comes to Haiti and African countries. Anderson Cooper’s response to the s…hole comment was on point, and we Haitians thank him for it. What Trump did was awful, but did you know, CNN, that you’re also part of the problem? Continue reading “CNN, You’re Part of the Problem Too”

Goumen Kreyòl ak Franse, De Lang Peyi Dayiti

Haiti flag  combined with france flagKreyòl ak Franse se de lang ofisyèl peyi dayiti. Jouk jounen jodi a, anpil diskisyon ap fèt sou plas ak itilite de lang sa yo nan sosyete Ayisyen an. Tankou anpil Ayisyen, mwen gen yon rapò konplike ak de lang sa yo. M renmen toulede men li pa fasil pou jere yo. Kèk fwa yap goumen nan tèt mwen. Yo trennen anpil ideyoloji ak yo. Continue reading “Goumen Kreyòl ak Franse, De Lang Peyi Dayiti”

Foreign Head of State Immunity: Lafontant v. Aristide (1994)

 IMG_20171221_105722_746In 1994, Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, while he was in exile in the US after being overthrown in 1991, was dragged into court by Roger Lafontant’s widow, Gladys. She had accused the then deposed president of killing her husband in the night of September 29, 1991.  Continue reading “Foreign Head of State Immunity: Lafontant v. Aristide (1994)”

Lancement officiel l’événement IN Haïti à Port-au-Prince

24173562_973963926085915_5142484771382237511_oL’événement évangélique international IN Haïti a été lancé à Port-au-Prince le 28 novembre dernier par une conférence de presse à l’hôtel Marriott. Un panel composé notamment des pasteurs Gregory Toussaint, Mohammed Sanogo, Sylvain Exantus, Samuel Kamuanga et Jean-Bildad Robert a répondu aux questions des journalistes sur IN Haïti qui se déroulera du 5 au 12 janvier 2018.   Continue reading “Lancement officiel l’événement IN Haïti à Port-au-Prince”

Jason Derulo, the Haitian of the Hour


By Jonel Juste

deruloThe singer, hitmaker, dancer and TV personality Jason Derulo is everywhere. He’s on many TV sets, invited to popular shows; he’s a judge on famous dance and song contests, and his latest song “Swalla” is a smashing hit. Jason is everywhere showing his true colors, the red and blue. For this young generation, he’s surely the Haitian of the hour.

Continue reading “Jason Derulo, the Haitian of the Hour”