Haitian American Community Agenda Conference 2020


Nou la Pi Red (We’re here to stay)” was the rallying cry of the Haitian-American Community Agenda Conference 2020 that took place on Saturday Feb. 15 at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex and the Caribbean Marketplace (Mache Ayisyen) in Miami. The goal of this conference was “setting priorities for the advancement of South Florida’s Haitian American Community.”

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Haiti Parades at Super Bowl LIV

Courtesy: Nancy St. Leger Danse Ensemble

Haitian culture was on display at Super Bowl LIVE’s Caribbean Day last January 31. It was a colorful and exuberant day with the parade of Caribbean bands and artists such as Bahamian Junkanoo and Moko Jumbies, Jamaican Fashion and Folk, Haitian Rara and Dancers, singer J. Perry etc.  Continue reading “Haiti Parades at Super Bowl LIV”

Oui, Haïti s’est révoltée contre dieu

Bataille-de-VertièresDans une vidéo postée sur sa page Facebook, l’Américain Joel Trimble, alias Frè Joel, qui vit depuis en Haïti depuis de nombreuses années, a déclaré qu’en acquérant son indépendance en 1804, Haïti s’était révoltée contre Dieu et que les problèmes que ce pays confronte actuellement, y compris le tremblement de terre du 2010, en sont les conséquences. Or il se trouve qu’Haïti s’était effectivement révolté contre un dieu en 1804…

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The New “Baby it’s Cold outside” Got it Right

legendThe iconic Christmas song “Baby it’s cold outside” got the #MeToo treatment, it got Meetoo’d, if we may say. Singers John Legend and Kelly Clarkson just released a new version of the song in which some passages have been changed because, according to some, they alluded to date rape and portray a man trying to have sex with a woman against her will.  

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The Woman I met on the Streets

7177816216_ff11b7cc59_zRecently, I met a lady on the streets, near a 7-Eleven. I had just purchased a Munchies Peanut inside the store, and I saw her while I stood outside eating my flaming hot peanuts. She looked old, but she wasn’t. She was Haitian. She looked homeless, begging for money. I gave her the few pennies I had in my pocket and she started telling me about her life.

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