Lè 2 Moun Damou…


Lè de moun damou, yo santi yo pou kont yo sou latè, se kòm si pat gen lòt moun bò kote yo. Franse a di « Les amoureux sont seuls au monde ». Lè moun damou yo panse yo pou kont ou vre wi, jiskaske reyalite a ratrape yo. M te manke viktim nan bagay sa a.

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The New “Baby it’s Cold outside” Got it Right

legendThe iconic Christmas song “Baby it’s cold outside” got the #MeToo treatment, it got Meetoo’d, if we may say. Singers John Legend and Kelly Clarkson just released a new version of the song in which some passages have been changed because, according to some, they alluded to date rape and portray a man trying to have sex with a woman against her will.  

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The Woman I met on the Streets

7177816216_ff11b7cc59_zRecently, I met a lady on the streets, near a 7-Eleven. I had just purchased a Munchies Peanut inside the store, and I saw her while I stood outside eating my flaming hot peanuts. She looked old, but she wasn’t. She was Haitian. She looked homeless, begging for money. I gave her the few pennies I had in my pocket and she started telling me about her life.

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“Solèy, Solèy”


“Solèy, Solèy” se premye liv pwezi Jonel Juste pibliye an Kreyòl, lang li pi renmen an. Se nan lang sa a li ka di sa li vreman santi anndan kè l ; se ladan l li ka kominike tout emosyon l ak pasyon l pou pwezi, lanmou, peyi l, lavi elatriye. Nou espere lap ka fè w viv menm emosyon sa yo tou. Liv sa a disponib sou Amazon. Men kèk moso ladan l. 

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The Watch, and other Short Stories

the watch1“The Watch” is the first collection of short stories published by Jonel Juste. As it says, they are short stories, meaning stories that could have been longer but that we shortened because we know you don’t have much time to read. Here’s the first one: The Watch.  

Every morning I watched my dad wear his Cartier with a certain satisfaction and pride. From time to time he gazed at it as if he feared it would vanish off his wrist. He received this gift from my mother and he loved it as much as he loved her. Mom offered this precious gift to my father to celebrate their ten years of marriage, and he couldn’t stop talking about it. It was really a wonderful watch and a technological jewel. I became jealous. I was even more jealous that I’ve always implored my mother to buy me a plastic watch but she refused. I was jealous and angry. I thought she didn’t love me as much as she loved my dad and I swore in my heart to steal the watch and make it disappear forever.

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Haitian Hip Hop: From Top to Bottom (book release)

hip hop ht

After graduating Magna Cum Laude at Florida International University, Jonel Juste has published his third book titled “Haitian Hip Hop: From Top to Bottom”. This is the first book published by the author in English after “Carrefour de Nuit” and Joseph, Prince d’Egypte”, written in French. Available on Amazon.

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