Forget about #DamnDaniel, here’s #DamnDonald


Damn Daniel! The first time I heard it, I was attending a speech class. One of the students kept repeating it and I had no idea what he was talking about. After he explained it was a viral Vine video, I didn’t give it a second thought since I don’t really use Vine, though I have an account. I thought the video was only popular among teens using Vine… until a comedian referred to Damn Daniel one night on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Continue reading “Forget about #DamnDaniel, here’s #DamnDonald”


Really Shawne, Haitians are the worst?

  So it seems that a certain Shawne Oswald, who looks like a Caucasian American, wrote some craziness, some utterly discriminatory and racist rant about Haitians on social media. Shawne Oswald claims to be a JP Morgan Chase employee; however Chase quickly denied the claim on Twitter. Calling Haitians pigs and dogs, the infamous, anti-Haitian, anti-migrant, super racist Shawne posted some pictures of the political unrest unfolding now in Haiti trying to demonstrate that Haitians are the worst because of political violence in Haiti. 

Continue reading “Really Shawne, Haitians are the worst?”