Really Shawne, Haitians are the worst?

  So it seems that a certain Shawne Oswald, who looks like a Caucasian American, wrote some craziness, some utterly discriminatory and racist rant about Haitians on social media. Shawne Oswald claims to be a JP Morgan Chase employee; however Chase quickly denied the claim on Twitter. Calling Haitians pigs and dogs, the infamous, anti-Haitian, anti-migrant, super racist Shawne posted some pictures of the political unrest unfolding now in Haiti trying to demonstrate that Haitians are the worst because of political violence in Haiti. 

After reading Shawne Oswald’s rant, I couldn’t help thinking about grade-schoolers killed while attending school or parishioners gunned down while praying inside a church or young Black men assassinated by cops just because of the color of their skin.

Violence in Haiti is mostly politically motivated while in a country where you can easily buy guns at the supermarket next door, people can get killed for unexplained reasons. Violent political demonstrations in Haiti have claimed fewer lives than US mass shootings, but I’ve never heard anybody call the mass shooters names like pigs or dogs.

Violence is the same everywhere. Humans are violent, it’s not a matter of race or nationality. Interestingly, I found some pictures of Baltimore, Ferguson, North Carolina, even Europe, images of social unrest, mass shootings, gun violence, racism, violent demonstrations etc that look like the pictures taken in Haiti. Look for yourself.



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