Netflix Took Down Video Suggesting Haitians Helped Spread AIDS Worldwide


Twenty-four hours after Haitian Americans reacted with outrage on social media, the popular video-streaming platform took down a controversial video suggesting that Haitians would have contributed to spreading AIDS worldwide. According to the episode 9 of a Netflix docuseries entitled “History 101”, Haitians would have brought the disease with them from Congo to Haiti, then to the rest of the world.

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In Order to Live: From North Korea to Haiti

orderHuman rights activist Yeonmi Park fled North Korea with her mother in 2007 at age 13 and eventually made it to South Korea two years later after a harrowing ordeal. In her book “In Order to Live”, she exposed the cruelty of the North Korean oppressive regime and the viciousness of the human trafficking in China. As a Haitian who can relate to her story, after reading the book, we wrote an open letter to the author. Continue reading “In Order to Live: From North Korea to Haiti”

Really Shawne, Haitians are the worst?

  So it seems that a certain Shawne Oswald, who looks like a Caucasian American, wrote some craziness, some utterly discriminatory and racist rant about Haitians on social media. Shawne Oswald claims to be a JP Morgan Chase employee; however Chase quickly denied the claim on Twitter. Calling Haitians pigs and dogs, the infamous, anti-Haitian, anti-migrant, super racist Shawne posted some pictures of the political unrest unfolding now in Haiti trying to demonstrate that Haitians are the worst because of political violence in Haiti. 

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Presidential Debate in North Miami

One of the candidates proposed to maintain the FNE after Martelly was gone. He was booed by the audience.

Eight candidates showed up at the North Miami senior High School Auditorium (13110 NE 8th Ave, North Miami, FL 33161) to answer the questions of 4 journalists about their political agendas. This debate took place on Oct 4, exactly three weeks before the presidential elections in Haiti on Oct 25.

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Let’s put some Haiti in “Haitian” stuff


From 2 to 7 of December 2014, Miami was the world’s capital of Art. Art Basel was the place to be and many people were there just for the Art. I must say that Miami, which is more of a Latin than an American city, is the right place for such an event.

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“Carrefour de Nuit” et “Joseph Prince d’Egypte” de Jonel Juste disponibles sur Amazon

Carrefour de Nuit” et “Joseph Prince d’Egypte” sont les plus récents ouvrages de Jonel Juste actuellement disponibles sur Amazon.

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Deux grands écrivains haïtiens à la Foire du Livre de Miami

MIAMI-Deux écrivains majeurs de la littérature haïtienne étaient présents à la Foire du Livre de Miami le samedi 22 novembre 2014. Frank Etienne et Edwige Danticat ont représenté Haïti à la plus grande foire du livre des Etats-Unis qui s’était déroulée du 16 au 23 novembre écoulée.

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FOOT-RETRO: Quand l’Argentine et le Brésil s’affrontent par équipes interposées


Déjà vous vous demandez comment est-ce possible ? Comment ces deux formations peuvent s’affronter par équipes interposées ? Dans d’autres domaines, c’est peut-être possible, mais quand il s’agit de sport, de foot en particulier, les affrontements se font directement, sur le terrain. Et que le meilleur gagne.

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FOOT-RETRO: Haïti-Brésil, la paix soit avec nous !


Une atmosphère de paix a régné à Port-au-Prince après la fameuse rencontre Haïti-Brésil le 18 août 2004. Une rencontre qui a vu la sélection haïtienne de football se faire étriller sur un score de tennis de 6 buts à zéro. « Au moins, s’ils avaient marqué ne serait-ce qu’un but… », lâchaient désabusés certains spectateurs tandis que d’autres rétorquaient que « le Brésil a été plutôt clément », à l’issue de ce match pour la paix qui s’est déroulé 7 mois après le départ d’Aristide du pays.

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O Time, Let Me Be A Witness!

by Jonel Juste


“If only I could turn back the hands of time” is something people generally say when it is too late. When we actually can’t do anything about the past, many of us wish we could change it for the best. Time travel is a long-cherished dream.

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