Museum Of Graffiti Honors The Queen Herself: Lady Pink

By Jonel Juste

This story also features on The Miami Herald and Miami New Times

Female artists are thriving in the graffiti arena. But it was not always this way. Fifty years ago, the graffiti world was male-dominated, and just a few women practiced the art form. Among them was Lady Pink (Sandra Fabara), who embarked on this artistic journey in 1979.

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Biographie de Jonel Juste

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Jonel Juste, journaliste, poète et nouvelliste, nait à Port-au-Prince le 2 octobre 1980. Il est notamment l’auteur des recueils de poèmes « Carrefour de Nuit » et « Solèy, Solèy». En tant que journaliste, il a collaboré à divers journaux, agences de nouvelles nationaux et internationaux tels que HPN, Le Matin, Le National, Le Nouvelliste, The Miami Herald, The Miami Times, Sun Sentinel etc.

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Goumen Kreyòl ak Franse, De Lang Peyi Dayiti

Haiti flag  combined with france flagKreyòl ak Franse se de lang ofisyèl peyi dayiti. Jouk jounen jodi a, anpil diskisyon ap fèt sou plas ak itilite de lang sa yo nan sosyete Ayisyen an. Tankou anpil Ayisyen, mwen gen yon rapò konplike ak de lang sa yo. M renmen toulede men li pa fasil pou jere yo. Kèk fwa yap goumen nan tèt mwen. Yo trennen anpil ideyoloji ak yo. Continue reading “Goumen Kreyòl ak Franse, De Lang Peyi Dayiti”

Daphne Campbell, first Haitian American elected in Florida State Senate

daphnee1On November 8th, Daphne Campbell became the first Haitian-American to be elected as State Senator in Florida. Former State representative, she won by a landslide, beating up her opponent Philippe Brutus. Continue reading “Daphne Campbell, first Haitian American elected in Florida State Senate”

Let’s put some Haiti in “Haitian” stuff


From 2 to 7 of December 2014, Miami was the world’s capital of Art. Art Basel was the place to be and many people were there just for the Art. I must say that Miami, which is more of a Latin than an American city, is the right place for such an event.

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