Dj’s Pandemic Street Photograpy Subject Of Historymiami’s ‘Capture’

Written by Jonel Juste for Artburst Miami

This story also features in The Miami Herald and Miami New Times

Many people lost their jobs during the pandemic and DJ Rahsaan “Fly Guy” Alexander was no exception. As South Beach clubs closed and the entertainment industry practically grinded to a halt, the professional deejay had no choice but to stay home. Yet, he refused to stay idle. He grabbed a camera and began snapping pictures. He relentlessly chased images of a time fraught with confinement, joblessness, and protests, but also of love and change. “CAPTURE: A Portrait of the Pandemic” exhibits 60 photographs at the HistoryMiami Museum opening on Friday, Aug. 5.

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« Astres et désastres », le tout dernier recueil de Jonel Juste

Article publié dans Le National

Poète d’une sensibilité attachante, Jonel Juste porte dans ses recueils de poèmes un regard attendrissant sur lui-même et sur le monde qui l’entoure aux fins de découvrir les reflets de son âme et la beauté de l’autre. Son nouveau recueil de poèmes « Astres et désastres » dit l’attachement de sa terre d’origine qu’il porte dans son corps, dans son cœur et dans sa tête et dit dans un lyrisme frémissant l’exil autrement. L’entretien avec le journal Le National est pour lui l’occasion de présenter son tout dernier livre.

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The Art Of X-Ray Photography

Written By Jonel Juste for Artburst Miami

Normally, x-rays are used to treat splintered bones, but Nick Veasey has been using them for his art for years. Through this unusual art-making tool, the British artist shows the inside of everyday objects like cars, shoes, packaging, guitars, planes, bikes, suitcases, etc. Also, he x-rays celebrities like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Marylin Monroe, etc.

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