The Grasshopper and the Ant

unnamedThe Grasshopper and the Ant were friends. Not really BFF’s, as we could say today, but they were two buddies who used to hang out sometimes. The two friends had, however, two opposite personalities; the Ant was a hard worker while the Grasshopper was more of a reveler, a singer, an artist. While the Ant was working 24 hours a day, the Grasshopper was going to the clubs, partying with his friends until the morning.

One day, the Ant told his friend that he needed to stop living like this and to find a steady job. “I won’t always be there to lend you the money I work so hard for; besides you already owe me a lot. By the way, when will I have my money back?”, asked the Ant. “You know I’m a singer, answered the Grasshopper, and one day, the world will hear of my huge talent, I’ll become rich and famous and I’ll pay you back. I promise.” –“Yeah, keep dreaming, slacker”, replied the Ant.

A couple of years after this conversation, a severe recession hit the land. Things were tough for everyone, maybe except for the Ant who worked so much that he had saved enough money to go through the financial crisis. The Grasshopper knew that his hard-working friend was well-off, so he called him on the phone to borrow some money to survive. “I will pay you, trust me. I’ll pay both interest and principal,” he said. “Really?” chuckled the Ant who was not in the mood of lending any money to his friend in need. “Remember I told you one day I’d be tired of you, this day has come, my friend. Since you were singing night and day in the good times, maybe it’s time for you to dance now”, said the Ant before he hung up the phone.

Time has passed after this episode and the Ant never heard of the Grasshopper again, and he didn’t really care if he lived or died. In the meantime, the Ant’s finances have gone downhill. He has even lost his job at the corporation where he worked. Most of the employees were swept out after the merger with Mosquito Corporation. Bad things happen.

The Ant was now looking for a new job, which is not easy for an Ant nowadays. In the meantime, his car was repossessed and he almost lost his house. One day, as he was pushing out the heavy glass door of a big company where he just had a job interview, he noticed a white long limo parked at the entrance. He stopped a moment just to see whose it was. He was very surprised to see his old friend the Grasshopper stepping out of the luxurious car wearing fur and sunglasses. The Grasshopper, who had no hard feelings, instantly recognized the Ant, he ran towards him and warmly hugged his friend. “Look at you. You look like a star”, the Ant said, “What happened?”- “I won the American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, I told you that one day the world would discover my talent. I just released my new album called ‘You better have my money’. I am touring all across the United States and Europe. I played in a movie nominated for an Oscar. Things are going great!- “Really”, replied the Ant who felt very embarrassed. “Tell me about you”, asked the Grasshopper. “Well, I just lost my job and I’m looking right now. I just had a job interview at this company.” “Really? said the Grasshopper, well my friend, you’re in luck. The president of this company is a good friend of mine and he owes me a favor. Don’t worry buddy, I got this, you got the job”.

“Besides, the Grasshopper continues, here’s a check of $15 000 for all the money I owe you. I told you I would pay you someday. Here’s my business card. If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to call me, my friend”.

The Ant was both happy and ashamed at the same time. When he sat in the city bus on his way home, he started crying. Nobody knew why, except you and I.

Jonel Juste






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