Is Bieber an immigrant like another one?

by Jonel Juste

The young Canadian singer made the headlines during the whole month of January for his misconduct. He did so much that a petition was signed by more than 100 000 people asking President Obama to send him back to his native land, Canada.

Definitely, those last days, the Canadian neighbors have bad reputation in US Press. Mayor Ford started it all and Bieber followed his tracks.  Now the “Baby” singer could have drawn the attention of Immigration authorities, being an immigrant like another one. Many he forgot that detail, or maybe he failed to read the booklet Immigration usually sends to new US residents along with their green card.


It all began with an egg-attack in California. Bieber’s neighbors call the police for a young man who was throwing eggs on a private property causing damages for thousands of dollars. Police came and found illegal drugs in the singer’s mansion. Bieber was not charged tough but one of his friends was arrested.  So he was free to fly to Florida to party. The 19-year old went to an adult club serving alcohol and blew off thousands of Benjamins in one night. Should we remind that the legal age to consume alcohol in US is 21? He continued and went drag racing on South Beach. Police stopped him, he resisted arrest, and he insulted officers who could smell alcohol in his luxury car and later on found drugs. He went to court after taking a smiling mugshot like if he were stone. However, he stopped smiling when he appeared in court. Maybe someone told him to stop smiling in front of the judge who could have felt offended.  Bieber left Miami after being bailed out. He flew to a foreign country (Panama) while he was being prosecuted… and the list goes on.

Finally, Bieber is not an immigrant like another one; because if he were, he would have been stripped of his green card and sent home a long time ago.


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