Singularity has already begun

Sophisticated machines are becoming “smarter” and humans rely more on them than never. In the industrial world, AI (artificial intelligence) is replacing more and more workers. The last time I went to a CVS, I didn’t need the assistance of a cashier. Continue reading “Singularity has already begun”


2015: The Future Is Now

We are now in the future, at least according to the 1989 Zemeckis’ sci-fi movie “Back to the Future II”. Remember, 2015 is the year Marty McFly travelled in the future (our present) to keep his son from committing a crime that could compromise his future. McFly, Doc Brown and Jennifer arrived in the future precisely on October 21, 2015, flying the DeLorean time machine. Continue reading “2015: The Future Is Now”

Describable me

First thing, Jonel is a guy who likes to think he has the sense of humor. Almost everybody thinks they have the sense of humor until proven wrong. The sense of humor is like common sense, everyone thinks they have it until they hear “you’re not funny at all”. Jonel thinks he is funny though, and those who say the opposite are just haters.

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2015, A Year of New Years!


A new year has come. As usual, many resolutions are being taken, even the resolution of not taking any or to stop taking them. But first of all, many of you think of wishing their relatives and friends the best wishes you can think of for this New Year. Maybe some of you -like me- are worrying so much that, at the end of the first day of the year, you even checked your phone, e-mail or Facebook friends list to see who you could have forgotten.

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Let’s put some Haiti in “Haitian” stuff


From 2 to 7 of December 2014, Miami was the world’s capital of Art. Art Basel was the place to be and many people were there just for the Art. I must say that Miami, which is more of a Latin than an American city, is the right place for such an event.

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“Carrefour de Nuit” et “Joseph Prince d’Egypte” de Jonel Juste disponibles sur Amazon

Carrefour de Nuit” et “Joseph Prince d’Egypte” sont les plus récents ouvrages de Jonel Juste actuellement disponibles sur Amazon.

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Jonel Juste


Jonel Juste, journaliste, poète et nouvelliste, est né à Port-au-Prince le 2 octobre 1980. Il est notamment l’auteur du recueil de poèmes : Carrefour de Nuit. Publié en France aux Editions Edilivre en 2012, Carrefour de Nuit contient à la fois des poèmes, des nouvelles, des récits et des parodies un peu à la manière du grand et populaire poète français Jacques Prévert dont Jonel Juste est un admirateur.

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