David Frederick tells his Story in “Lakay”


In his first book, “Lakay: A Journey of Struggle, Perseverance, and Hope”, the young author and activist David Frederick tells his immigrant story, his struggles and his hopes. He also urges his fellow Haitians, particularly millennials, to unite together to change their motherland. David will sign his book on November 18 at 8pm at 13390 West Dixie Highway, North Miami, FL, 33161.  

As David says, “Lakay” (which means ‘Home’ in Haitian Creole) is a journey of his struggle, perseverance and hopes. The book that was published in October 2017 takes the reader on a journey from Haiti to Miami. The book starts with a portrayal of David’s childhood in his hometown, Saint-Marc (in western Haiti). Years later, he will escape a slaughter there known now as the “La Scierie Massacre” in 2004. “The massacre happened one day after we left St-Marc for Port-au-Prince”, he recalls.

In “Lakay”, David Frederick tells his story, which starts with in life in Haiti to his journey to the US in 2008. “Lakay” is an immigrant story that aims to encourage people who are living now or will live the same situations the author went through in the future.

“To me ‘Lakay’ is a place of hope in a hopeless situation”, David summarizes his book. For the author, the book is about perseverance and the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. “My goal in this book is to encourage people to keep on going no matter how desperate things seem to be. By the time someone has finished reading, I want the reader to be heartened because of the story he or she has just read”.

David Frederick chose to call the book “Lakay” (Home) in creole because of his love of his native language and because of what ‘Lakay’ really means to him. “Lakay is not a physical place, it’s a concept, it’s a place of hope where your spirit can rest”.

The author came to the US 9 years ago, and soon found himself in a difficult situation. “Before I could adjust my status, sometimes I was struggling in some areas like education. “At the time, I would take three buses to get to my retail job at the mall. I was determined to go to college, but knew I couldn’t afford tuition”, he recalled.

However, all these setbacks didn’t stop him from dreaming and fighting as an activist for immigrants’ rights. He was fighting through Unions such as SEIU Miami. David was notably responsible of students’ chapters in various universities and colleges all over Florida. He served as the Chair of the Year Up Miami Alumni.

Very engaged in local politics, David helped organize a walk from Miami to Washington, DC to support undocumented students. At this event (Trail of Dreams), he was given the opportunity to speak on behalf of his fellow Haitian Youth in front of the White House.

In this book, David Frederick also want to address the millennials, “the Haitian American generation that can bring a change to Haiti”. “I believe there is no generation that is better equipped to change our motherland. We have a lot of professionals and people interested in Haiti in so many levels. We are at a crossroads to impact Haiti in such a drastic way. I think that this generation has the tools and the expertise to do so.”

The book signing of “Lakay” will take place on November 18 at 8pm at 13390 West Dixie Highway, North Miami, FL, 33161.

“Lakay: A Journey of Struggle, Perseverance, and Hope” will be is available on David’s website, Amazon, Books and Books, Barns and Nobles etc.

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