A Great Victory for Little Haiti!

The Haitian community in Miami has won a great victory on Thursday, May 26, 2016. Under the leadership of Chairman Keon Hardemon, the City of Miami Commission voted unanimously to designate Little Haiti as an official Miami neighborhood and to establish its legal boundaries on the Miami-Dade map.
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Haiti-USA : Une grande victoire pour Little Haiti

Little_Haiti_southLa communauté haïtienne de Miami a remporté une grande victoire le jeudi 26 mai 2016. La commission municipale de Miami-Dade a voté à l’unanimité la reconnaissance officielle du quartier historique haïtien appelé Little Haiti» (Petite Haiti) et sa délimitation sur la carte géographique de Miami-Dade. Continue reading “Haiti-USA : Une grande victoire pour Little Haiti”

In Order to Live: From North Korea to Haiti

orderHuman rights activist Yeonmi Park fled North Korea with her mother in 2007 at age 13 and eventually made it to South Korea two years later after a harrowing ordeal. In her book “In Order to Live”, she exposed the cruelty of the North Korean oppressive regime and the viciousness of the human trafficking in China. As a Haitian who can relate to her story, after reading the book, we wrote an open letter to the author. Continue reading “In Order to Live: From North Korea to Haiti”

FOOT-RETRO: Haïti-Brésil, la paix soit avec nous !

Haiti va jouer avec le Brésil le 8 juin prochain à Orlando pour la Copa America. L’heure de la revanche a sonné.



Une atmosphère de paix a régné à Port-au-Prince après la fameuse rencontre Haïti-Brésil le18 août 2004. Une rencontre qui a vu la sélection haïtienne de football se faire étriller sur un score de tennis de 6 buts à zéro. « Au moins, s’ils avaient marqué ne serait-ce qu’un but… », lâchaient désabusés certains spectateurs tandis que d’autres rétorquaient que « le Brésil a été plutôt clément », à l’issue de ce match pour la paix qui s’est déroulé 7 mois après le départ d’Aristide du pays.

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Gaining Fame for Assault

By Jonel Juste

hqdefaultAnjali Ramkissoon. This is a name no one really knew until now. A name we wish we knew in other circumstances rather than a fourth-year neurology resident insulting and attacking an Uber driver. Even worse, the young Miami doctor is perceived as gaining fame in the mainstream media for assaulting someone. Continue reading “Gaining Fame for Assault”

The Grasshopper and the Ant

unnamedThe Grasshopper and the Ant were friends. Not really BFF’s, as we could say today, but they were two buddies who used to hang out sometimes. The two friends had, however, two opposite personalities; the Ant was a hard worker while the Grasshopper was more of a reveler, a singer, an artist. While the Ant was working 24 hours a day, the Grasshopper was going to the clubs, partying with his friends until the morning.

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