Guys, Do Not Forget Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s Day is a dreadful day for many men, especially those who forget about it and find out on February 15 that they have just missed it. Guys, do not forget Valentine’s day.

Many women consider this day as their second wedding anniversary if they are married or simply their second wedding anniversary if they are single. Guys, you don’t forget anniversary, it’s sacred.

If we conducted a survey asking girls if Valentine’s day is important to them, most of them would be likely to respond, “No, it’s not that important”. However, if you have a girlfriend, you know that those girls are blatantly lying. They don’t really say what they think, as usual. I wish they wouldn’t care but they do. And you will realize Valentine’s day is important to your girlfriend or wife if you forget about it. First thing that may happen is that she may dump you. If she chooses to stay with you, she might punish you in a particular way. She might not give you what you want at a certain time that you desire it the most.

But listen ladies, you shouldn’t too hard on us men. We are human. We are not perfect; we make mistakes, just like you. Sometimes during the year, we have so many dates to remember. We have to remember your anniversary, our wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, women’s day, your best friend’s birthday, your dog’s birthday, so we’re kind of confused.

Some guys play it really smart. They marry on Valentine’s Day. So they just buy one gift for both occasions. Thumbs up. Some others guys are so lucky that wife’s birthday and wedding’s anniversary fall on February 14! It’s like winning at Mega millions Lottery.

Seriously, remembering Valentine’s Day is important for a man in a relationship. That shows you care, my friend, especially if you don’t pay too much attention to her the rest of the year! But ladies, if your dude is used to show he cares, you shouldn’t be too hard on him because he missed just one day. I remember that comedian who asked, “Hey lady, what’s up with Valentine’s day? It’s like if we don’t meet your expectations this particular day we will lose all the miles we’ve accumulated during the year! I mean, every day we give, we forgive, and on Valentine’s Day, you got that face and you’re like ‘I bet he forgot’”.

I watched this video about a device called The Manslater that translates women’s language and feelings into simple words that men understand. In this video, a guy called his wife and asked her if she was fine noticing by the tone of her voice that she was upset. When he asked her what was wrong, she said she was fine and she hung up the phone. So this dude checked his Manslater that told him: “Forgot anniversary, jerk”. I wish that this device really existed and that it could remind us of many things that we should not forget about, like Valentine’s Day.


Jonel Juste


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