2015: The Future Is Now

We are now in the future, at least according to the 1989 Zemeckis’ sci-fi movie “Back to the Future II”. Remember, 2015 is the year Marty McFly travelled in the future (our present) to keep his son from committing a crime that could compromise his future. McFly, Doc Brown and Jennifer arrived in the future precisely on October 21, 2015, flying the DeLorean time machine.

By Jonel Juste

In 1989, director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale gave their personal vision of the future. Many movies have tried to portray the future before and after Zemeckis’ flick, but for some reasons “Back to the Future II” is the movie that has left its own indelible imprint on the public imagination.

Now since we are in 2015, we can’t help ourselves asking, “Where are the flying cars we’ve been promised?”, “Where are the self-lacing sneakers?”, “What about the futuristic Hoverboard? Will it become a reality?” The hoverboard is now real, claim inventors Jill and Greg Henderson who came up with the Hendo Hoverboard. Their invention relies on a magnetic field to support the rider and cause the Hendo to hover over a 1-inch cushion of air. This is not exactly the dreamed thing, and we must confess that Hendo may not have a bright future ahead of it. Nike Company announced that the Self-lacing ‘Back to the Future’ shoes should be available in 2015. So let’s wait. Flying cars, as showed in the movies, are still sci-fi. Some brands like Terrafugia or Aeromobil attempted to create flying cars, but they look more like aircrafts disguised as cars than actual cars flying.

However, we should not limit the future to the “Back to the Future II” gadgets, which are just the way Hollywood projected 2015 twenty-five years ago. Zemeckis and Gale imagined inventions that are still distant fantasy-like pre-planned weather or time machines- but they also envisioned things that exist today like video communication, 3D, biometric technology, flat-screen wall-mounted TVs, video glasses, hands-free gaming even the Miami Baseball team!

Future is now and, according to blogger Ryan Smith (redeyechicago.com), our present day is much more remarkable than filmmakers imagined it a quarter-century ago. “We all carry tiny, powerful computers in our pockets that double as phones, cameras, TVs and gaming devices. News can reach us instantly from far-flung areas of the planet through social media”. Zemeckis did not predict the Internet revolution and the social media that have turned our lives around.

Moreover, even though cars have not flown yet but they are becoming “smarter”. Some cars already can park themselves and soon they will go driverless. Fact is the future has been around for a while, but we didn’t pay attention to it because it’s not as spectacular as in the movies, or because we are so immersed in it.

The present future is also marked by the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In 2015, robots continue to replace human workers everywhere. Lastly, the future is not just about technology, but also the global economic crisis, social changes, mass immigration, climate change, and so on.


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