Describable me

First thing, Jonel is a guy who likes to think he has the sense of humor. Almost everybody thinks they have the sense of humor until proven wrong. The sense of humor is like common sense, everyone thinks they have it until they hear “you’re not funny at all”. Jonel thinks he is funny though, and those who say the opposite are just haters.

Jonel also tends to believe that he’s strong, unflinching, and optimistic. Once he said, “I often think that I make lemonade with the lemons that life throws at me. The problem is I don’t know what to do with the rocks that life throws at me”.
Jonel is also a little bit prideful. Sometimes he thinks he doesn’t need other people and that he can make it by himself. He knows he’s wrong. The truth is that Jonel has always been needing people; he just avoids showing it.
Jonel likes to think he’s cool, compassionate or kind. In fact, he’s not. “I’m just trying to not to be an a-hole”, he once confessed to himself. He continued: “I used to be an a-hole and I hurt people’s feelings. I decided to change when I saw other people behaving the same way I did. I don’t like when people copy my style. I am original. So I stopped”.
When Jonel was younger, he used to think I knew everything or a great deal of everything. Fortunately, the older he gets, the wiser he becomes. He can now confess, like Greek Philosopher Socrates, the only thing he knows for sure is that he knows nothing.
One upon a time, Jonel used to think he was smart. Some people, especially his parents, maliciously told him that he was. However, when he looks retrospectively at the choices he made in life, Jonel concludes that maybe intelligence is overrated. “Today, Jonel jokes, the only thing smart is my phone, my Smartphone, because it tells me everything I need to know.”


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