Haiti-Matthew:Haitian American artists perform at “Runway for Relief” (+video)

20161021_210430After the desolation left by hurricane Matthew in southern region of Haiti, countlessrelief efforts and fundraiser campaigns multiplied in order to help the stricken nation cope with the new humanitarian crisis. For Haiti’s sake, Haitian American artists (singer, musicians, comedians) and international models took part last Friday at a charity event called “Runway for relief”.

Little Haiti Cultural Center, Friday Oct 21, 9pm,wild applause burst outfrom the enthusiast crowd as beautiful and classy Haitian, Caribbean andAfrican paraded graciously at “Runway for relief”, a cultural and charitable event pulled together by the Haitian American Hurricane Matthew Relief Effort and Sounds of Little Haiti.


Tico Armand, the hostess and producer of the fashion show, motivates the crowd. “Tonight it’s about helping our country Haiti. I’ve been to Haiti recently and it was a life-changing experience. There is a lot of people in need”, explains the Haitian American model who flew to Haiti two weeks ago with the Haitian American Hurricane Matthew Relief Effort team to help distribute food, water and other staple commodities in disaster areas.  “We’re going to help Haiti ourselves. We’re not going to wait for others to do it”, said passionately Mrs. Armand while inviting the audience to donate to the Haitian American relief effort team.


The poet and rapper Mecca, who hosted the event, is singing the same tune. The artist thanked those who made the first trip to Haiti possible by their generous donations. “Until now, our warehouse is still full of items”, declared the rapper who announces a second humanitarian trip to Haiti in November.

From Oct 12 to 16, many young Haitian Americans and professionals volunteered to bring hopeto their homeland with the Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA) and the Mandodo Humanitarian Foundation. This humanitarian trip came immediately after the collection of a huge amount of items within the Haitian community in Miami. The relief team visited three Haiti’s southern cities: Aquin, Cavaillon and Camp-Perrin, according to Sandy Dorsainvil, one of the coordinators of the relief effort.

The Runway for Relief in little Haiti last Friday was the continuation of that effort, continues Mrs Dorsainvil. Renowned Haitian artists such as Kapi (Tabou Combo), Richie (Klass) took part in the event. Kapi sang: “Haiti will survive; it will never die”. An emotional moment. Other young artists such as K-zino, Rylax, hip-hop star Choppa Zoe contributed as well. Young Haitian American comedians “Haitian Husbands” and “Haitian American productions” brought some laughter to the event. Haitian poetess Angie Bell dedicated a poem to Haiti. “Haiti won’t be left behind”, she recited.

The fashion shows were the major part of “Runway for Relief”. Many fashion designers presented their works. Among those who showcased the beauty of Haitian fashion and beautiful models: G Destin Collection, Labelle Couture, My Cliché, Cultured Revolution and CG Collection.

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