Private nakedness VS public nakedness

blurredI sympathize with Jennifer Lawrence and all the stars whose phones were hacked last week and whose naked pictures are circulating all over the Internet. That’s shameful!

Hackers don’t respect the right to privacy of people because they are public figures, stars, because they are getting naked all the time. It’s not because Rihanna or Miley Cyrus are constantly butt naked, it’s not because female stars are constantly having robe malfunction that one should violate their privacy, stealing nude pictures from their phones! It’s not fair!

There are three kinds of nudity:  public nudity, private nudity and commercial nudity. The public nudity is public; it’s for everybody. It’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, it’s accessible to everyone. There is also the commercial nudity that the stars use on purpose to make money, to sell CDs and so on. At last, there is the private nudity. That is PRIVATE! That’s the kind of nudity reserved to friends, to family; that’s the kind of nudity stars mail to mom and dad.  That is a pure and untainted nakedness and it shall be preserved and respected!


Author: jjuste02

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